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Velocir has an Off-Day…twice

After Charleston last weekend, we sure have been struggling in the cold weather the past few days!!

Cruising Velocir

While Amelia was on watch a bunch of dolphins were playing in the channel.  They don’t usually get that curious about Velocir, but came over to check us out.  Amelia got really excited and took a picture.  Seconds later, Velocir was aground.  It didn’t even seem like we were really outside of the channel, and we weren’t very close to shore either.  It took about 5 minutes of maneuvering and we were off!  (Beware of tricky dolphins!!) And we didn’t even get a very good picture…  :(

Cruising Velocir

Grant was on watch the next day.  It was raining and he saw a small group of men standing on the side of the waterway under a tree. He assumed they were trying to get out of the rain.  Then, Grant witnessed them take a body and throw it off the cliff.  He was pretty freaked out!!

As we got closer, Grant saw a fire truck, ambulance and more trucks.  The men were wearing yellow safety gear. We realized the body was a “dummy” and they were doing a safety drill.  (In the photo the “body” it the little curved lump on the beach towards the left).

Cruising Velocir

After that shock was over, we continued a little farther.  Amelia was down below cooking some scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese.  All of the sudden the boat jolted to a stop, like a car crash, and threw both of us forward.  Grant did a face plant into the cockpit, bruising his face.  Amelia fell into the table in the main cabin, testing it’s strength.  Amelia just remembers falling, seeing the flame on the oven with no food, and then immediately turning the propane off.  Breakfast, pan and all, had fallen behind the stove.  Just some bruises…but if we had been injured the safety team rescuing the dummy was still close-by!

We assume that we hit a submerged log.  The waterway is covered with fallen trees, it is not uncommon (picture above).  But this was different than running aground.  When you run aground, it is a somewhat gentle weird lurching feeling, like you are bumping and sliding along the bottom.  This was a crash, an immediate jolt to a stop.  We had never experienced this before.

Velocir got off the submerged object with a little rocking.  No contact was made to the rudder or propeller luckily.  Hopefully all is well with our keel.  We wanted to dive on it but there is no visibility in the water!  (Needless to say, Amelia had bad dreams that night.  They involved running aground in a marshy area and a battered keel on Velocir).

Cruising Velocir

We improved our week by staying at a marina we like in Barefoot Landing, SC.  They have really nice showers and a hot tub.  It was so cold out but we were relaxing! 

It has begun to warm up as we head for North Carolina.  We are even getting birds on Velocir, trying to scoop up some bugs on our deck!

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