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Working vs. Cruising (Time Together)

What a whirlwind year!  When we got married exactly one year ago today we had a strong desire to spend time together.  Cruising Velocir made this happen.  We lived on Velocir the entire year (give or take a couple of weeks).  The first few months we were working and would only see each other a few hours a day.

Cruising we were constantly together.  We like it that way!  Now, back on land for about a week there is a little separation anxiety going on, lol.

Here is an illustration Amelia made comparing a typical 9-5 job vs. cruising for a year.  In our case we cruised Velocir for 8.5 months. It says working married vs. cruising married because Amelia made it about us, obviously works for unmarried couples too  :)P4260309


Anniversary in Annapolis by Velocir

Thanks for sharing our adventure with us!  We will continue to post any updates about Velocir and cruising.  (We hope to talk about our budget and food in the next couple of weeks.)

This isn’t the end of our adventures!  We have plans to go tall ship sailing this summer and for more cruising on Velocir next year.



Velocir is and Albin Vega 27 built in 1973. She has been redone and outfitted for world cruising by her owners Grant and Amelia.


8 thoughts on “Working vs. Cruising (Time Together)

  1. Thanks for all your interesting posts and photos, Amelia and Grant. Congratulations on your safe return home.

    Congratulations too on your first wedding anniversary! We have such fond memories of sharing that event in Bermuda, meeting Grant and his family and spending time with you Amelia, and your parents.

    What a wonderful experience you’ve had and we’re sure there will be many more!

    Much love,

    Sue and Peter

    Posted by Susan Grant | May 15, 2012, 22:11
  2. Happy Anniversary and Happy Homecoming! I have been following you guys for almost the entire past year….and enjoyed all of your postings, photos and travelogues. Could do with a little less drama at the end, but all in all, congratulations on a great year! Now come visit CBMM!!!

    Posted by Emilie Knud-Hansen | May 17, 2012, 15:05
  3. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. Can’t believe it has been a year. Altho today, I was actually thinking of where I was a year ago because today Uncle Dan and I are at Prince Rupert BC. Last year it was warm and I swam and ran in shorts. This year it’s 45, wet/rainy, and a bitter wet wind. Have on warmest fleece and rain gear to wind protect! Whew! what a difference. Wonderful scenery here tho.
    Hope your summer is fun and that you are getting your land legs back. Must be weird to have so much room. We are in our pop up and living in it must be a lot like on Velocir. I can sit and do everything in the camper from one spot and our bed barely fits us. Down side–no head so hvae to go out in cold to bathroom/pit toilet, depending on where we are.
    Take care; have a great summer.
    Love Aunt Sandy & Uncle Dan

    Posted by Aunt Sandy | May 17, 2012, 22:58
  4. PS: is that short hair? you guys look so cute!

    Posted by Aunt Sandy | May 17, 2012, 22:59
  5. Awe! You two look great! So blessed to have had the chance to meet you both! Thank you for sharing the ups and downs with total strangers and inspiring us too! I’ve learned a lot from you!! Looking forward to your next adventure!!

    Posted by | May 18, 2012, 09:31
  6. I enjoyed watching your YouTube videos of your journey! Now you’re home, any chance you’re looking to sell your boat? :-)

    Posted by Matt | May 18, 2012, 11:13

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