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Cruising Cancelled for 2013

We are sad to announce that we must cancel our cruising plans due to a job offer we couldn’t resist! Sorry to all of you who left amazing and supportive comments for our upcoming journey, we really appreciate the support from everyone!

Right now we are in Monterey, CA and Crew is having a great time being a beach dog.  He is probably very grateful to have dodged a summer on Velocir.

Velocir’s blog remains here, and we will keep you updated on any projects and plans in our future.  One day we will finally figure out how to become millionaires and set off into the sunset once and for all!

Until then, we are also starting a new blog (sometime soon) about Monterey with the mission to provide resources for visiting cruisers.  Currently, we are serving as Ocean Cruising Club Port Officers for the area, so please let us know if you are in Monterey, CA on your sailboat and need any advice or assistance.

Fair Winds, Grant & Amelia

Cruising Cancelled for 2013 Cruising Cancelled for 2013



Velocir is and Albin Vega 27 built in 1973. She has been redone and outfitted for world cruising by her owners Grant and Amelia.


13 thoughts on “Cruising Cancelled for 2013

  1. I know you are sad to postpone your Great Lakes trip but also know you are enjoying another great adventure on the opposite coast. Looking forward to your new blog.

    Posted by remus49 | April 11, 2013, 17:01
  2. Wow! CA? How did you end up over there? Good luck to you both and hope all is well!!

    Posted by Stephanie | April 11, 2013, 17:02
  3. Hi you two… Really glad to hear you are settling in! I was going to give you until the end of the month before writing a SOS e-mail to find you!!!

    Cheers, Dan

    Posted by Dan Kerr | April 11, 2013, 17:17
  4. Welcome HOME! (for now?) Congrats on the job Amelia. Grant, let us know your secret to being a millionaire. Hope to see both of you soon. Kurt and Susan

    Posted by Susan Pacheco | April 11, 2013, 23:09
  5. Your adventures continue – just not quite as you had planned. Will be fun for you to explore the left coast – beautiful pictures. How do you get Crew to smile?

    Posted by sailmotuiti | April 11, 2013, 23:10
  6. In case you don’t remember I rebuilt a Vega in extremis for the first Transpac if the Single Handed Sailing Society in 1978. Are you going to be in Monterey this summer? I plan on being on the west coast to visit friends in Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara. I would certainly like to meet you. Is your boat on the west coast? I have enjoyed your postings very much. I missed an opportunity to sail on a delivery from Honolulu to Brisbane. Oz. this has fired me up to plan on the purchase of a Vega 27 for some Blue Water sailing either from the west coast or a European boat for the Med and Atlantic crossing. Open to either. Let me know if you are west. Don Keenan

    Sent from my iPhone Keenando Boulder, CO

    Posted by Don Keenan | April 12, 2013, 01:28
  7. I’ve been in Thailand for 10 year on a farm with no big water anywhere. It was worth it. Now we’re heading for Florida to find a house and a boat. I’ve missed sailing but life happens. Best of luck to both of you and I hear there is some great sailing where you are!

    Posted by Dannie Hill | April 12, 2013, 08:26
  8. Best of luck. Great sailling area you’re in

    Posted by danniehill | April 12, 2013, 08:28
  9. We know how it feels to have plans and at the last minute something happens. But anyway it´s a job and it will give some money who knows maybe to sail in to Europe .

    Rui and Lena from Portugal

    Posted by Rui | April 12, 2013, 18:10
  10. Congrats on your latest adventure, guys! Looks like you’re settling in quite happily, and what a beautiful area to live in!

    Posted by Lyndsey | April 24, 2013, 23:22
  11. Hi, It has been great to find your Videos in You Tube. The story of your sailing boat is so touching <3.
    We have Abin Vega too. number: 934. We are sailing in Finland. A lake called Näsijärvi in City of Tampere. I have blog with lot of pictures taken about our "TinAida", if you like to look:

    If it´s okay, I would like to post a link about your videos and home page in my blog.

    Posted by viherrys | February 21, 2014, 11:17

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