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Thank You HMS Bounty

Thank You HMS Bounty

Please click here or the above photo to read an important essay about the HMS Bounty that we would like to share with everyone.  Please help spread our message by sharing with others, thank you!


We were not aboard Bounty– Our thoughts and hearts go out to our fellow crew members.


This past Spring we were crew aboard the tallship HMS Bounty. Many of you saw our blogs and video, as we shared what it is like to sail a traditional ship.  As you may now know, this morning the HMS Bounty sank off Cape Hatteras during hurricane Sandy.

USCG News Release:

Our hearts go out to the crew members and their families.  Thankfully, many have been rescued and are safe.  We are closely connected to many.  Here is one comment from a rescued friend on Facebook:

The ship sank beneath us, but we swam free and mostly got into two rafts.
I’m at the USCG station Elizabeth City NC. There are two unaccounted for at present.

This is tragic, terrifying news.  With all our hearts we hope that the two remaining crew members are rescued.

We have many memories on this ship.  It is how we met, and where we had our first kiss.  We are sorry she is gone, but angry that any life was risked in this way.

Please fellow sailors, be humbled by the weather.

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Tallship Bounty Sails to Philadelphia

For our final leg up the Delaware River HMS Bounty sailed side-by-side with privateer Lynx. We were astonished by the strength of the current in the Delaware River and the amount of debris in the water. Many large chunks of wood and even a 30 ft tree!

It has been pushing 100 degrees the last few days with little to no wind, but we came in under full sail for the city of Philadelphia.  It took the crew just 20 minutes to set every sail on the ship, quite a feat in the hot weather!! Although we were motoring in the calm conditions, those towers of white canvas were, as always, a wonderful sight to see.

hms bounty by velocir

After all the sails are set the work is not over, later when they are struck all crew must go aloft to furl them back up on to the yards.  (Much more work than our sloop Velocir!!!!).  It is exhausting for us to keep up with the crew.  Hands become calloused and muscles ache.  But after a few weeks you become astonished at your own strength!

hms bounty by velocir

One of the best parts of being on the ship is climbing all over it.  Out to bowsprit, up the masts (three to choose from) and down into the depths of the ship.  Amelia’s favorite spot is the bowsprit.  It juts up and gives a beautiful view of Bounty cutting through the water.

hms bounty by velocir

Captain Robin brought the massive ship into the dock as smoothly as if she were our little Velocir. (He knows the ship well; even dropping the massive 900lb anchor twice doing a 180 degree turn in tight quarters with a side wind while we were in Annapolis to line up the dock just right.) After helping get the sails furled and the many, many lines coiled down; we went over to help the 110 year-old barkentine Gazela dock close to Bounty and watched yet another masterful docking of these huge ships. (

Amelia and Grant took the night watch of the ship last night so the crew could sing their chanties and drink their beer with the other tallship crew. While Grant was below pumping bilges (wooden boats…) he felt the boat suddenly heel 15 degrees….at the dock! Amelia was on deck saving the flags before the thunderstorm/squall came upon us blowing gale force and causing a complete whiteout. The crew stopped hanging the disco ball in the tween decks and burst from the ship clad in foul weather gear to rescue a tent on the dock that had exploded and then everyone jumped to repositioning dock lines and gear in the pouring rain after the wind had subsided.

We have had a lot of fun seeing old shipmates and getting to see all the historical sights Philadelphia has to offer. We will miss the wonderful crew of the HMS Bounty and although this the end of our journey on the ship, Bounty’s does not end: (

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