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Squall in Ocracoke causes dragging (not us)

Video of the big squall today.  After watching them do a bad job anchoring last night, we were ready for the sailboat in front of us!

Beachy Days in Ocracoke

There is a live webcam for Ocracoke’s Silver Lake Harbor.  We are the white sailboat next to the water tower.

Ocracoke is a cute beachy town on the Outer Banks.  It is a touristy place in the summer, with car ferries running back and forth constantly from the mainland, a museum on  Blackbeard the Pirate, huge beaches, semi-wild ponies and a lighthouse.  Amelia used to spend Easter here with her family when she was little.

Surfing in Ocracoke

Our first full day we went to the beach with the surfboard.  It was a good walk except for when the mosquitos attacked.  We assembled the two piece surfboard we have been sleeping with in the v-berth, put on our wetsuits and Grant went out to surf for a while and I took pictures.

Waves in Ocracoke.

After a little while, Grant decided the waves were not ideal for surfing, so we body surfed near the shore.  It worked a few times!

Body surfing in Ocracoke.

Here is the beginning of one successful body surfing attempt.  It was relaxing to sit by the beach.  The wind started to pick up after a while, so we trekked back to the boat.


Today (Tuesday) was a calm sunny day.  We had a late morning and worked on our water catcher on the foredeck.  It is a modified windsurfing sail  that we’ve connected a hose to because tomorrow it may rain.  In the afternoon, we went on a long walk around town through some of the back roads.  This snake bit Grant’s shoe.

Ocracoke Lighthouse

Walking down Lighthouse Rd, we found Ocracoke Lighthouse!  It is the second oldest lighthouse still in use.

Ocracoke Lighthouse

It is a very cute lighthouse.  We continued our walk through town, checking out the hardware store, tackle shop, pottery stores and book store.  Except for the book store no one was very friendly.  The first tackle shop we went to the guy was so rude we went to another place for our 10-day fishing license.  Not sure if it’s because it’s such a touristy small “local” town, because we’re young or just because Grant’s beard isn’t long enough yet : )

The Pony Restaurant Ocracoke

For dinner we went to Amelia’s favorite childhood place; The Pony Island Restaurant.  She has fond memories of coloring the placemats so we got some crayons this time too. (Note: Amelia does not usually color the placemats at restaurants, usually).

Ocracoke Lighthouse

After a delicious meal of fried seafood, we took a quiet row around the anchorage.  Once again attacked by mosquitos, we headed back to the boat for the night.  Expecting lots of rain tomorrow!!  A great day for a book.

While writing this we were reminded of something else that happened. When we first got here we could hear a weird noise, like the snap crackle pop of Rice Krispies. We opened up the bilge and it was much louder. We found a bottle of vinegar had leaked and we were worried it was reacting to something in the bilge. We read online, flushed it with fresh water and called Amelia’s Dad.

He laughed and said he had heard it before and that it was just fish or something feeding off the growth on the hull. Sure enough we had seen little shrimp swimming around another boat and it seems our hull magnifies the sound. We had a good laugh at ourselves and have been listening to our little bottom scrubbers since.

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