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Albin Vega stern push solar panel mount

We have been busy finishing the projects we really want to get done before we leave, confidently planning to depart by the end of the month.

Our biggest project has been welding and assembling a stern arch to mount our solar panels on to.  Using an extra stern push from an Albin Vega that had been parted (selling parts and destroying the boat)  Grant first welded a horizontal support bar to the top which will support the solar panels forward.

Then, in order to have clearance for the Navik self-steering wind vane, Grant welded an additional 20 inches in stainless steel 1 inch tubing.  At the bottom of each leg, a receiver was shaped and welded to the bottom stern push with a pin bolted through.  This will allow for the top arch to be detached if needed.

Albin Vega stern push solar panel mount by Velocir

The arch for the solar panels was then attached onto the Vega.  We also took the opportunity to weld on our outboard bracket and horseshoe ring holders.

Albin Vega stern push solar panel mount by Velocir

This morning we drilled holes in the tubing at four points and bolted on our solar panels.  In the overcast weather today, we were able to see that they were each producing 18 volts.

Albin Vega stern push solar panel mount by Velocir

Another project we completed this week was sound proofing the engine room.  We get A LOT of noise in the cabin when the engine is running and this reduced it quite a bit.  First, I made patterns out of brown paper.  Then, I cut out the shapes and used foil tape around the edges.  To attach, we used screws with washers.

Albin Vega stern push solar panel mount by Velocir

Other ongoing projects are sewing covers, varnishing trim pieces, getting our EPIRB ready, installing electronics, provisioning, and so many other projects!



Velocir is and Albin Vega 27 built in 1973.


2 thoughts on “Albin Vega stern push solar panel mount

  1. Hey guys i really love ur blog.. i was wondering, could it be possible to get schematics and mesurements of your solar pqnel mount, because i am planing to make similar mount for mine albin vega.
    Best wishes

    Posted by roland | March 15, 2014, 18:38
    • Roland, thanks for your comment. I will email you some more information and photos of the solar panel mount. The metal frame is from another Vega if that gives you a better idea of the sizing. Thanks.

      Posted by VELOCIR | March 24, 2014, 16:55

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