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Making a Dodger Frame for V

To keep out the rain and sun, Grant has built us a dodger out of stainless steel and starboard!  (I still have to sew together the isinglass and sunbrella sides)

Making Dodger Frame by Velocir

After looking online at different designs, we decided we liked the rounded look with side visibility, a hard top and soft isinglass sides.  This way it will be strong.  We could stand on it if needed.  The starboard top will not need to be replaced in a few years like a full fabric dodger.  We found inexpensive isinglass in new condition that was consigned at Bacon Sails that I will recut and sew onto the frame.

Making Dodger Frame by Velocir

For the frame, Grant welded together stainless steel tubing using scraps from other biminis we found. He used two rounded sections he bent a curve into, and the cross beams about every foot.  For the starboard top, he welded tabs for it to secure to using bolts.  On each side, he welded outer handles, and then welded threads into them, so that they would also secure the starboard on a tab.  To fasten it to the boat, he also welded tabs.

Making Dodger Frame by Velocir

For the top, we cut a big section of starboard into the right dimensions and bolted it to the frame on the tabs.  On the lower part below the handles we used U bolts.

Making Dodger Frame by Velocir

As a project, Grant spent three days measuring and constructing the frame.  It took one day to attach the starboard and attach it to the boat.  We measured the distance from the cabin to the boom MANY times, and even had our new sails cut specifically to make the boom higher when we were sailing so that we could stand in the cockpit and have room for a higher dodger.  It is about 16.5 inches high from the cabin top to the top of the dodger.

We really love it!


Velocir is and Albin Vega 27 built in 1973.


2 thoughts on “Making a Dodger Frame for V

  1. Looks good,How do you join the staboard if using 2 pieces.I need 2 4×8 panels to cover my cockpit.Is the a sleeve or something to join them.

    Posted by richard | January 29, 2012, 13:37
    • Hello Richard,
      Thanks for your comment about the starboard.
      We used a single sheet for our dodger.
      I would imagine you could epoxy the gap closed or use a strip of the starboard bolted through both pieces as a covering plate.
      Using a grinder you can smooth the edges to give it a cleaner look.
      Also, I recommend playing with a heat gun or a torch and the starboard to heat and create really interesting curves and shapes.
      I made several starboard boxes out of single pieces of starboard by bending corners.
      Hope this is helpful and we wish you the best on your project. We love our dodger!
      Amelia and Grant

      Posted by VELOCIR | February 3, 2012, 12:23

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