Georgia Offshore…then Inshore

We found a good weather window and decided to go offshore from Calibogue Sound (just north of Savannah, GA) to Brunswick, GA.  They were predicting winds 10-15 kts decreasing to 5 kts overnight and 2-3 ft waves.

Sailing Velocir Offshore

We got about 3 miles offshore and found a steady 15 kts with seas 3-4 ft.  It was a bumpy ride but we got the Navik set on the Albin Vega and split into watches.

Sailing Velocir Offshore

Amelia was on the first watch, feeling very seasick and stressed.  She is not used to being on such a tiny boat in the ocean, but toughened it out and on the watch change went below to feel better.  Very quickly going down below did not result in her feeling better, and the decision was made to head in rather than risk safety having one person at less than 100% before dark.  Also, the swells were bigger then expected and being out there in 5 kts wouldn’t have given us much distance.

Grant used his watch to head into Wassaw Sound and anchor outside the channel just before dark.  We were disappointed (we probably lost time going outside and back in than doing a normal day on the ICW) but knew it was the right decision.

The next morning, the wind was less than 5 kts and reports of waves still at 3-4 ft.  We made our way back to the ICW for a long day of motoring.

As we rounded into the ICW on Skidaway River we entered fourth in a line of five sailboats, the last being a little farther behind.  Minutes later a Sea Tow boat came zooming by all of us in the other direction (northbound) throwing a big wake.  One of the boats in front of us said “Thanks for the wake Sea Tow.”  Then one or two muffled exchanges we didn’t hear clearly.  Then Sea Tow said in a threatening voice “Which boat was that? I’m coming over and we’ll’ ‘talk’ about it.”  He turned around and then buzzed up to all three sailboats in front of us to confront them (apparently).  Seems like no one came forward because he left again, throwing another wake.  We were a little bit shocked Sea Tow would A) throw the wake and B) threaten a cruising boat.  Well, it was entertaining for us and bad for Sea Tow.  Headline:  Sea Tow throws wake on line of cruising sailboats and then turns around to threaten them.

ICW by Velocir

As we got further into Georgia we saw this boat anchored and thought “Welcome to Georgia.”

ICW by Velocir

Here is another boat to add to Grant’s growing collection of “Sunken Boat Pictures.”

ICW by Velocir

More and more beautiful marshland surrounds us.  The air smells sweet.  We can hear the birds and see dolphins.  We even passed a sign indicating Manatees are close-by!  We hope to visit Fort Frederica and Cumberland Island in the coming week to explore more of this unique natural habitat.  Also, there is a big Cruiser’s Thanksgiving in St. Mary’s, GA we plan to feast at!

ICW by Velocir

1 Comment

  1. wow, crazy story about the Sea Tow! and funny comments throughout the video…Grant is right, the guy might have had a gun, but I would have like to see you tear him down ;)

    That looks like a really beautiful place with the marsh and different trees and grasses. Would be SO cool to see manatees!

    I hope Savannah was cool, I’ve always wanted to go there. So far I’ve just driven past and stayed in a cheap motel in the suburbs on my way to FL.

    You definitely have to do a post on the Fort Federica and Cumberland Island, I am interested to hear about the unique habitat.

    Also I want to know what a Cruisers’ Thanksgiving is like! Please report back!

    Thanks for sharing and hope you have a wonderful turkey day tomorrow!!! miss you! <3

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