Cumberland Island, GA

A few miles from our Thanksgiving spot, Cumberland Island National Seashore is known for its nature and wealth of history.

Cumberland Island by Velocir

Once a mansion named Dungeness during the Revolutionary War period, it was owned and restored by the Carnegie family and became a popular a social elite retreat in the 1930s.  The mansion was gutted by fire and in the 1970s it was donated to the NPS.

Cumberland Island by Velocir

Only the ruins remain.  Other buildings and mansions are scattered throughout, including the work areas and homes of the over 300 people it took to run this estate.  It is said the wife of Thomas Carnegie, Lucy, wanted her 9 children raised away from the stresses of industry.  They spent most of their lives here and had their own houses throughout.  There are still some private homes here.

Cumberland Island by Velocir

The cars were parked in a neat row and have not moved.

Cumberland Island by Velocir

Still only reachable by boat, Cumberland Island is well-known for its plethora of landscapes: forests, marsh, beaches, etc.

Cumberland Island by Velocir

We walked the boardwalk along the marsh, watching crabs run into their holes and large oyster beds surfaced at low tide.

Cumberland Island by Velocir

We hiked through the dunes covered with brush and trees, like a desert of driftwood.

Cumberland Island by Velocir

On the beach, there were some really interesting shells and wildlife everywhere.  We found a striped puffer fish and type of clam with a fan-like shell.

Cumberland Island by Velocir

We also came across a huge horseshoe crab.  Amelia got pretty excited, because she thinks they are really cute.  The shell was at least a foot wide!

Cumberland Island by Velocir

We would have loved to stay longer in this beautiful place.  But we plan to find many more beaches to spend the day walking very soon.  On to Florida!

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  1. wow, very cool pics! looks like an amazing adventure location! Love the pics of the driftwood desert, and the beach treasures. That clam and the puffer fish are incredible..and cute horseshoe crab :) I saw a baby one this summer at the seafood festival at sandy point! you would have loved it.

    So cool it is only reachable by boat…Love the photo of grant with the cars..they look like they are growing out of the ground.

    I am glad to see that oysters can at least live in Georgia if they cant live in Maryland. really interesting that they are above the waterline at high tide…did you pick any to eat?

    also, it looks like Grant is holding a dog leash or something…lol…


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