Ringing in the New Year

We celebrated the New Year with family in Hopetown, Abaco Bahamas.  There were great fireworks show and junkanoo celebration on the streets.  We went out for a delicious dinner of stuffed lobster!DSCN0312

The midnight fireworks were really great!  We are staying in a house right now and slept in a real bed, had real showers and put ice in our drinks for the first time in months.


Velocir is having some alone time by the picturesque lighthouse in Hopetown.  We sailed her over from Marsh Harbor.  It is a lot more charming here and bustling, with many tourists and boats all over the harbor.  It is the nicest place we have been to in Abaco.DSCN0353

New Years day we went snorkeling on the reefs and then went to Nippers.  Last time Amelia was at Nippers there was literally no one there.  Not another person except her family and the staff.  Nippers is a really popular bar overlooking the beach that cruisers always talk about going to.


It was pretty crazy on New Years day!  It was swarming with scantily clad drunk young people.  Having lunch with my family with all of this going on was a little comical.

We wondered where all these people come from, maybe there is a resort nearby?


We have enjoyed having a runabout and going out to the reefs for snorkeling. We did a morning fishing trip Monday, but had no luck. It is getting a bit cold here, but we’re hoping for a couple more sunny days before family leaves. Things should warm up again until the next cold front!


  1. Yay, Nippers! Looks beautiful down there :)

    “We are staying in a house right now and slept in a real bed, had real showers and put ice in our drinks for the first time in months.”
    –> Wow, the little joys in life :)

    PLEASE check your email! I sent it to all your email accounts that I know of….

    <3 E

  2. Glad to hear you are having fun with Mom/Dad. After our 6 wk in camper on Baja, we totally understand the ‘real bed’ and ‘ice in drinks’ aspect. And since I like really cold drinks, I always miss the ice and when we travel to countries where we can’t drink the water….no ice! We’re having balmy 45 days here and no snow. Playing havoc on our ski time! Enjoy your sun!

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