We Feel the Love, Thank you!!!

Thank you readers and commenters, we are overwhelmed by all the supportive and positive comments we have received recently.  It is a special experience to have this blog and share it with others.  We wish you all the best on your adventures and would love to follow your blogs as well.  We could go on and get really mushy, but know we are just really really really thankful and grateful at all the wonderful people reading our blog and watching our videos!  We feel the love, thank you!


Just this Friday we had a delicious dinner in St. Augustine with Carlos and Steph who love sailing and had found our blog.  The next day we took them out on Velocir for a morning sail.  They have a Flying Scot and are interested in cruising one day.  It was so amazing to talk with them about cruising—there is so much to talk about!  They said they felt like they already knew us from our videos, but that we were much taller in person!!


We also met Richard and Charlotte who are sailing their Albin Vega Alpha Lira to the Bahamas from Charleston.  They were so excited to begin their trip and had already done a few successful voyages offshore on the Vega.  “Alpha” means brightest star, and the star “Vega” is the brightest star in the constellation “Lira”. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vega)  Such a cool name! 

Really it is somewhat difficult to say “Velocir” and have someone understand what you are saying (bridge tenders, other boats).  Basically, Amelia and her cousin thought it was a cool boat name when they were younger, and it stuck!  The only person who has really gotten it without explanation was a 10 year-old French boy we met in Little Farmer’s Cay. He had lived cruising on the boat his entire life.  When we said Velocir he went to the front of the boat for a minute and came back with a book of papers.  He took one and carefully unfolded it, revealing a poster of dinosaurs.  He found the Velociraptor and pointed at it with a cute grin on his face.


Now we are motor sailing our days away on the ICW, taking in all the wildlife and sunsets.  Above is a Osprey eating a huge fish!


Beautiful sunsets.


Downtown St. Augustine.


The kitchen of the “Oldest House” in St. Augustine.

Video #22:  We enjoy some sunny and rainy weather, and at one point get offended by another cruiser who is very vocal about not waiting at a bridge for the "small and slow" Velocir.


  1. continue you’r blog it is realy interesting sorry for my english speak french little problem for ritting in english but not a lot for reading so thank’s and continue to sail

  2. Hello Amy & Grant!
    I have really enjoyed keeping track of you through out your adventure. Your pictures are absolutely incredible. I am so glad to hear you are sailing back. I hope you will be back by mid May. Caitlyn will be graduating May 13th. I hope to host a graduation blow out party the next week end, on the 19th. I hope you are back in town so we will get to see you and your parents.

  3. Thank you for the great morning sail! You are a precious and intelligent young couple! Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom with us! Wish we had more time! We’ll be in touch. Safe travels home!

    Ps… We may have found a boat!! We’ll let you know!

  4. So, indication #2 that you guys actually are pirates*: Grant talking about how sailing up the ICW is a piece of cake after navigating and sailing on the open ocean. Sounds like you guys have really mastered the sails and sailing your smallish (but not slow) pirate ship. You seem to have really become confident on your “home-on-the-water.” This is also an indicator that you are pretty bad-ass, too!

    It is so cool that you are able to share your passion with others, share your experiences, and advice.

    When I was looking back over your December posts, it is amazing to see how far you guys have come (literally and figuratively) in a few short (or long) months…

    Good luck, safe travels, and see you soon!


    *For indication #1 that you guys are actually pirates, see my comment on your 12/21/11 post.

  5. Wow, I cannot believe that you are on your way up the ICW again either! How far you have been, both from an adventurous standpoint, in sailing experience, and I am sure, in your relationship…it’s amazing! Congratulations on a great adventure. So fun for us blog followers to learn along with you and be able to share your experiences in some small way.
    Hope we will be able to connect sometime while you are landbound again, before whatever next adventure you embark upon! Love you, Aunt Sandy

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