Surfs UP! Oh, Georgia..when will you end

Happy Easter!  We decorated some eggs and ate a bunch of candy.

Easter Eggs by Velocir

After our busy social scene in St. Augustine, we headed to an anchorage we like on the Ft. George River in Georgia.  It is by one of America’s oldest plantation homes.  The windy weather ended, making for some good surf (we hoped!)

Surfing by Velocir

We took the dinghy Raptor and surf board to an inlet south of Little Talbot State Park, where to our surprise the beach was easily accessible.  The surf was wrapping around the point perfectly.  Grant used his bisecting longboard we keep in the v-berth.  It has two sections that clip together with a rod in the middle for support.

Surfing by Velocir

Grant got a few good rides in.  Amelia took a few tries for fun, but still can’t seem to stand up yet!

Grant also had a close call with the authorities this week.  After his surf session, we were back at our anchorage.  We were the only boat in a remote river, so Grant commenced showering in the cockpit.  Minutes later, a Sheriff’s police boat zoomed up.  They started shouting about how Velocir was dragging at anchor.  Then, they realized Grant’s precarious position and yelled, “Hey man, you got pants on?”  Grant replied, “no, you guys have perfect timing”  (Note: extremely effective tactic to keep law enforcement at a distance…also true in this case).

Amelia came up from below and saved Grant.  “You were way over there this morning,” the police boat insisted, pointing up current from Velocir.  “Yes, but we have out some good scope and as the current moves our boat will too,” explained Amelia.  (Just to clarify, we were not dragging). Then, they asked where our boat was registered, where we were going and where we came from.  All simple questions, and soon they were on their way.  Grant finished his shower with no more interruptions.

We headed the next day to Fernandina Beach, a cute beach town.  On the radio we heard someone calling Sandpiper.  It could have been anyone, but sure enough it was our friends from Georgetown!  We walked around town and had dinner with them.  It was fun to catch up on where we had both gone since Georgetown.  They have been ambitious, sailing offshore quite a lot.

Cumberland Island by Velocir

The next day we visited Cumberland Island, one of our favorite stops last Fall.  This time the beach had even more shells!

Cumberland Island by Velocir

Cumberland Island by Velocir

We saw two groups of wild horses for the first time on Cumberland Island!!

Now we are trudging through Georgia.  Six days of motoring, with a little genoa every now and then helping us keep our speed up in the current.  It’s a lot of marshland and curvy rivers.  Every inlet we see at least one US Border Protection boat is zooming around, but they never seem to bother anyone.


  1. I have to say that I was feeling the suspense waiting for your next blog posting and was so excited to see the post!

    haha, Grant got “caught with his pants down” Very funny…..What a great picture of surfing! Grant, was that wax you were putting on your board in the video?

    DOLPHINS! so beautiful, and at night too, wow! And the wild horses are so cool, amazing. Really neat horseshoe crab, I have never seen a live one upside down like that with all of the legs squiggling.

    Amelia, I LOVE your turtle shirt, so cute!

    See you soooon!!!!

    <3 E

  2. Hi, great to hear from you; I was wondering where you were, too. I love the little star fish or as Sammy has learned…they are not really fish! He explained all that to us the last time we visited.
    Nice video medley; neat to see the dophins at night!
    So Grant, what were you putting on the board? tacky stuff so you would stick? I don’t think it worked every time but pretty darn good :^).
    I have never seen a live horseshoe, either up or down. Cool!
    Have fun as you journey North.
    Love Aunt Sandy

  3. Oh and the wild horses were so neat. We have wild horses out here too. Perhaps we can catch a glimpse sometime if you get out here for a visit. It is neat but the ones out here don’t let you get anywhere close; you really have to sneak up.

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