Welcoming Our New “Crew”

Our trip last year to the Bahamas was a little underwhelming to our social life.  We met some really terrific people, but learned that when surrounded by an older crowd the key is to have a baby around.  Otherwise, as a young couple on a small boat you may as well be invisible.

Well, we’re not ready for a baby so hopefully the cutest puppy imaginable is the next best thing!?!?!  Everyone is planning to invite us over to see their boat, go on a fishing adventure and explore a new beach now, right??!?  Let’s have a long and fascinating conversation about our sailing adventures and the cruising lifestyle that doesn’t end with condescending comments like:  “Do you know what radar is?” or “Do you have charts?”

So, we’ve had our hands full the last couple of weeks with our newest addition!  This has been in the works for many months now, and it was finally decided that the Captains needed their “Crew.”

Crew is a Miniature Australian Shepherd.  Today was his first puppy training day and he is at the top of his class with “sit” and “down.”  He’s gone for his first swim, sailed in the new dinghy and likes to hang out on Velocir!

(All joking aside about babies and puppies, Crew brings joy to our lives that far exceeds any wistful social life….the part about being an invisible young couple on a small boat is not far from the truth.)



  1. He’s the cutest crew I’ve ever seen!! What’s his name… ” CC ” for ” cute crew “. Have fun with him. Look forward to meeting you all this summer if you get up this far.

  2. Cutest puppy ever!!! And I am really sorry for those old fuddy duddies who were condescending and didn’t take the time to get to know such a great couple!! Crew is toooooo cute!! Thanks for the up-date!!

    PS, we got “By Sea” our 1976 Catalina 22 last weekend!! She was set up for racing so needs A LOT of prepping for cruising!!! She has absolutly nothing! But right now we’re working on “By Land” our 16′ 1985 Serro Scotty, so By Land will have to wait.

    Take care and give Crew a good belly scratch from us!

  3. He is just adorable! swimming was the very cutest thing….just those little legs paddling him around. Aunt Sandy

  4. Those eyes! Auntie Lyndsey is in love and can’t wait to cuddle with him. I can’t promise I’ll cuddle with you guys, but I can’t wait to see you both also. ;)

    Also, I totally understand the whole not fitting in unless you have a dog and/or a baby thing. In mine and Chris’ last neighborhood, people were generally kinda cold towards us and kept to themselves unless they needed a favor, but the people who are renting the house now (the house belongs to Chris’ parents, so he’s met the renters) talk about how welcoming and friendly people have been to them. Naturally, they have a dog and a baby. If only I’d known that was the key to acceptance I’d have leashed up the cats and paraded them around the neighborhood.

  5. such a cute little fluff ball, and a wonderful addition to your family! Excited to see him grow up to be a full-fledged sailing dog!

  6. Such a cute little fluff ball and wonderful addition to your family! I am looking forward to seeing him grow up to be a full-fledged sailing dog!

  7. Hi guys. Love your Crew. My wife and I have been following your adventures for a while now and enjoyed every moment. Thanks so much for letting us into your world, and for being willing to show both the good and the not so good.

    We have been planning our own cruise for a few years, and just last week purchased Vega number 2140 in Annapolis. We hope to load ourselves and our two children, Jack(3) and Jill(1/2), onto her in the next few months and head south. Hope to see you guys out there.

    Matt, Kristin, Jack, and Jill

    1. Thanks for your comment, we really appreciate your kind words.

      What exciting news to have just bought a Vega in Annapolis!
      We are also in Annapolis, so let us know if we can help with any questions about the area or if you would like to check out Velocir in person.

      We wish you the best on your cruising adventures!!

  8. How adorable! I’m sure Crew will make cruising more interesting. My husband and I have been enjoying your blog for a while now. We also find it hard to meet people because of our age and size boat (we are 30 and 28 sailing our Cape Dory 28 “Avanti”). We are going on month 6 of our 1 year cruise and are going to be in Annapolis to work the boat shows for several weeks. Then we will be making our way south via the ICW to the Bahamas for the winter. Perhaps we will see each other in passing.

    Fair Winds and Good Speeds,
    Kelly and Andrew

  9. Well here is an old guy who has been following your adventures. You have probably the best vidios and blogs about sailing on line. Have you ever looked at the “sail far sail small site. You would be right at home there. Many of us have not bought into the bigger and more gadgets is better syndrome that the advertisers and hence magazines are pushing.
    Thanks for posting and fair winds

  10. Cant wait for the next installment of adventures….We will be in Annapolis this weekend for the Sailboat Show, dreaming of course, although we plan to buy a used..much cheaper 29-30 ft in the next year or so to cruise the bay….love seeing how you use your space and I would love to hear more about sailing with dogs and the challenges as we have two that would join us ( not extended sailing ,but weekends and week trips.)

  11. Thanks for the great website and all of your youtube videos. I have lived in Charleston, SC for nearly six years. I grew up riding on powerboats in upstate new york and two years ago, had my first sailing experience with a friend. Since then, I have been an avid armchair sailor spending much of my free time searching Craigslist for a suitable sailboat that is large enough for my dream vacation of sailing to the Bahamas. Every time that I have managed to find something that appears to seem suitable, I quickly talk myself out of it because of my lack of sailing knowledge and fear of the unknown. I have watched every one of your videos and have found them to not only entertaining, but reassuring as well. I now plan on taking a sailing course in the spring and to stop making excuses. Thank you for sharing your lifestyle. I look forward to following your travels!

    1. Thank you for such kind words, it is great to hear you are pursuing your dream. Grant didn’t grow up sailing either, not until college did he work full-time at learning to sail and then later teaching sailing. We wish you the best!

  12. OMG, a puppy! How adoarble:D. I wish we were out there cruising right now so we could share great conversation and drinks. Hopefully the tide is changing and more and more young people will have the ability to get out there.
    I’ve added you to our blog roll! I would’ve ages ago but I forget about that list from time to time.

  13. Good morning Amelia and Grant,
    My name is Roxy and we (my young helper Amy) met your folks last week here in the marina at Hopetown. We had a jolly evening aboard Tradewind (we’re boat sitting her) talking (of course) all things boat. We heard about you two and your sailing life, and look forward to meeting you both, woops, all. I live in Waterlily, just by Coinjock and run a classic Crocker cutter for a man in NY, and have just had a wonderful little dog, Compass Rose, fall into my lap (sort of)! It would be great to get Crew and Rosy together if you pass through this spring on your way north (although I’m unclear if you’re still down here-we’ll find out this weekend when we get together with the ‘rents’). Anyway, you are very welcome to stop and visit either in Coinjock or Great Bridge (AYB) where I keep the boat in winter. I look forward to a good old gam, getting some Dog Aboard hints, and watching the little crewmembers play together…Roxy

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