I’m On A Boat–Using a Nature’s Head

The Nature’s Head Composting Toilet has been a great solution to rid ourselves of stinky holding tanks, repairing valves and finding pump-outs.  Even better, being ecologically friendly on the boat has become effortless for us.

In Georgetown, Bahamas, the pump-out boat went through Elizabeth Harbor every morning, $5 for a pump out.  We thought, I hope he doesn’t notice we don’t need one, because we have the Nature’s Head.  The pump-out guy would get angry on the VHF radio when he wasn’t getting a lot of business, saying outrageous things like “you cruiser’s must like to swim in your own discharge” and various such proclamations.  We thought, how rude, I hope he realizes people have composting heads  now and are considerate to others.

Then, we were blown away when we met two other cruising boats openly proud of their complete disregard for proper discharge, in a crowded cruiser’s harbor too!  Like it was an inside joke they were letting us in on and they were such rebels.

But really it was disgusting and inconsiderate, and there is no excuse, none, especially with a Nature’s Head.  Part of the reason we love to cruise is to be outside and enjoy nature, so even if it’s just something small like our discharge,  we take pride in doing what we can to protect the sea!

Here’s a video from Motu Iti about using a Nature’s Head:


  1. You’re so right about being rude and discussing. I think my next boat will get a Nature’s head. The only problem I’ve read about is it’s a bit difficult for women and men have to sit in rough seas. You still have to pour the liquid overboard, even at anchor. Thanks for the video!

  2. Great video! After talking with you about the Nature’s head I emailed the company and asked about getting one top unit and two bottom. One base for the camper and one base for then we can transfer the top piece. They said they’d work with us! But even after that I was still a bit unsure about it. This video and your Dad made it seem not so gross ;) You all should have your own TV show for Sailors! Seriously! You are so generous to share your widsom! May you be bless back a million times over!


  3. Brilliant video. A composting head is on my wish list for our yacht. Thanks for explaining all aspects on how to use it. And the cons too. The height isn’t a problem.

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