Lake Worth Weather Window!!!

We have found our weather window from Lake Worth to the Bahamas and plan to leave tonight at 2 am!  From now on, we will continue to update our blog when possible and will always do the SPOT when in a new place.PC140586

We thought it would take a week, possibly weeks, to find an acceptable weather window over to the Bahamas.  This is because in the winter months the wind comes more from the North, and then opposes the Gulf Stream current from the South causing large waves the “stand up” and be higher and rougher.  Luckily, we have been watching the weather and a good window is happening right when we’ve made it to the inlet we will leave from.


As we’ve travel farther south into Florida the houses and boats keep getting bigger.  Endless lines of houses, each worth millions!  Amelia said, “If we had millions of dollars I think we would be doing exactly what we are doing.  Maybe just a little bit nicer.”  Then Grant made the point of how lucky we are to honestly say this is what we would be doing if we could do anything right now.


While we were sailing down to Jupiter we got an airshow from an aerial applicator really close to us.


From St. Augustine, FL to Lake Worth, FL we only used 4 gallons of fuel.  This means we sailed roughly 260 miles on the ICW straight!


Before leaving for Florida, we have taken one last trip to the grocery store.  I found some tofu packets I was happy with.  They will be a nice way to change up meals.  Hopefully we will catch enough fresh seafood we won’t need to use our stored goods!


As a treat, I wanted to roast some Chestnuts.  It was really messy!  Reading online, it said cutting X’s on them and then boiling them for 25 minutes would keep the chestnuts more moist than baking them.  Peeling them was easy with some and difficult with others.  They were good though!

Happy Holidays!


  1. Good luck on your crossing. We’ll be anxious to hear when you make it. Aunt Sandy

  2. Great to hear you’re on your way! Hope your crossing of the stream goes well and look forward to hearing from you in the Bahamas.

    I believe you’re way happier than many of those folks living in the multi million dollar mansions. All that money comes with lots of cares, and you have so few… just your health and safety and you have a lot of control over those two. Enjoy the freedom.

    When we crossed the gulf stream the first time, Peter and I were your age, and most of our friends thought we were nuts to give up our jobs and go sailing. It was one of the best times of our lives. Our boat was the same size as Velocir, but had far fewer amenities. Didn’t matter.

    Merry Christmas!


  3. I recently started reading your blog. I find it very enjoyable that you include all of the facets of cruising on your blog. I especially like the expeditions into the culinary arts! I have read literally hundreds of blogs, and put yours right there at the top!

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