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Good bye snowy Annapolis, hello Bahamas!!

We awoke at 0230 to drive to the airport. Three inches of snow on the ground…..great. We drove with one highway lane cleared and little salt on the road. We were almost to the airport parking lot when we slid sideways to a stop inches in front of a pole. Luckily, it was all very slow motion because we were not driving fast. Definitely the right time to get out of Annapolis, leaving Velocir in the snow, and head for the Bahamas to visit Amelia’s parents on their cruising sailboat, Motu Iti. (

Motu Iti by Velocir

Goldwin and Nancy have been relaxing in the Abacos this last month, and we are very happy to join them. Our first day was a bit breezy, but we headed over to a favorite of ours, Tahiti Beach, for some low tide nature viewing. The beach is a long sand bar that appears at low tide. The area is full of starfish, sand dollars, juvenile conch and other creatures.

Starfish by Velocir

Even though we have explored these waters before we always find something new, like this green starfish.

Conch by Velocir

A rare sighting, this juvenile conch came out of its shell for us (trying to turn over).

Conch eyes by Velocir

The eyes always get us, they are oddly adorable making them extremely hard to turn into a meal.  Luckily this one is not legally large enough to eat.

Runabout by Velocir

We zoomed around to a few good snorkeling spots. When Grant goes spearfishing he uses a pole spear with an elastic loop at the end (making it a homemade Hawaiian sling), dive weights to help him get down to look under crevices, a knife for safety and gloves to protect his hands from sharp lobster etc.

Snorkeling by Velocir

He found a spiny lobster in a grassy bank offshore, and speared it for dinner.

Lobster by Velocir

We also speared a few Lion Fish, an invasive species with no natural predators and dangerous spines.  It is very much encouraged to spear them.

Lion fish by Velocir

To finish our great day, Amelia made some conch fritters out of fresh-caught conch and a local batter Nancy had gotten.

Conch Fritters by Velocir


Velocir is and Albin Vega 27 built in 1973.


5 thoughts on “Good bye snowy Annapolis, hello Bahamas!!

  1. Man it must be nice to be there. Love the photos.

    Posted by Tate | January 27, 2013, 23:18
  2. Looks like great fun. I hope to be living in Port St Lucie, FL soon– only 100 miles from the Bahamas. Hope to see you guys there one day

    Posted by danniehill | January 28, 2013, 06:50
  3. nice! looks delicious!

    Posted by EmaBeesArt | January 28, 2013, 11:11
  4. Was that a planned trip… Or did you just luck out! Good for you two , what a great trip to be having at this time of year. I think it’s really nice as well , because you already know your way around the area… Ol’ stomping ( sailing ) grounds as it were! I’ve only just got on to your parents blog and have caught up to date now and look forward to following it as closely as I did yours. The blog is great with lots of pictures which I like. What kind of cameras do you guys use? Hope you all have a great vacation together. Talk to you soon.


    Posted by Dan Kerr | January 29, 2013, 10:06
    • Hi Dan, Thanks, great to hear from you. We use Olympus Tough cameras because they are waterproof. Velocir has the olympus tough tg-610. (basic and a bit clunky but works well). Motu Iti has the Olympus Tough Tg-1 (HD quality, faster processing and nice dial to access settings).

      Posted by VELOCIR | February 8, 2013, 10:44

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