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Reaching Georgetown- A Cruiser’s Mecca

There are about 250 cruising boats here.  It is considered a low year.  Past years the count was 500 boats.  People have said this is because not many Americans are here due to the economy.


We woke up at dawn, listened to the weather on our SSB (single side band)  receiver and then headed 38 miles south to Georgetown from Little Farmer’s Cay. We began sailing under genoa and main sail.  By afternoon we were passed by some Norwegian friends on Adela, so we rose the spinnaker but still couldn’t catch them!  A cold front was closing in behind us, and as we entered the harbor the sea went still, so we motored into the anchorage by Monument Hill just as the front brought gusts of wind from the north.P2220185

The next morning we introduced ourselves on the Cruiser’s Net, a hour-long VHF program of weather and announcements.  We plan to do some more socializing and have already met a few people to hang out with.P2220202

Volleyball Beach, the cruiser’s headquarters, is owned by the restaurant/bar Chat and Chill.  They do not allow you to bring food or drink onto the property anymore, but otherwise the cruiser’s seem to still have a separate clearing in the trees where they can play volleyball, do yoga and read books.P2210178

Across the harbor is the entrance to town.  Through the bridge is the dinghy dock- connected to free water, the grocery store (Exuma Markets) and a wonderful library with the best selection we have seen in the Bahamas!  It is nice to have this convenience all around us again.  We look forward to spending a month here relaxing, visiting with family and participating in the the Cruising Regatta!



Velocir is and Albin Vega 27 built in 1973.


2 thoughts on “Reaching Georgetown- A Cruiser’s Mecca

  1. unbelievable you are able to see 40 ft. down like that! such clear water…not like Mill Creek at all!

    What a view from the top of the mountain.

    And very cool you are able to be there for the regatta and weeks of events :)

    <3 E

    Posted by Emily W. | February 27, 2012, 09:27
  2. The water color is fantastic! It must feel a little nice to be back in a larger group of people for a while. And for me the library would be much needed. I can’t remember if you have an e-book or went with all paper. I can say that my Kindle has been very nice for traveling as it takes up so much less room! And now I am doing library e-books on it so don’t have to spend money. I am wondering if food prices might be a little less here as the population is larger; hope so as that will sure help the budget. Have fun mingling again for awhile and have fun with family. I know Mom is excited to visit.

    Posted by Aunt Sandy | February 27, 2012, 13:52

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