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Amelia makes Androsia in Andros Town

Androsia Factory by Velocir

Steps from our marina is the Androsia Factory in Andros Town (not really a town).  It is a Batik that has been made here in the Bahamas since 1973, and is the top export of Andros island.  At our wedding we used Androsia fabric on our tables.  So, Amelia was very excited to see more of the beautiful fabric in person.

Here is the official website on how the fabric is made:

Androsia Factory by Velocir

The factory is a long warehouse divided into different rooms.  The first room is for waxing, the second for dying followed by sewing rooms.Androsia Factory by Velocir

In the waxing room, hundreds of different designs hang on the walls and line the floors.  They are hand-carved foam with wire and very intricate.

Androsia Factory by Velocir

A lot of them are custom for different resorts, companies and restaurants all over the world.

Androsia Factory by Velocir

The floor and everything around was covered in wax.  While we stood there looking at all the designs, a couple came in with an employee and he started a demonstration.  Soon, they were creating their own Batik.  We asked if we cold join in.  Even though we weren’t from a certain hotel he let Amelia make two panels of Batik.

Androsia Factory by Velocir

The stamps are dipped in melted wax and then held down on the fabric for three seconds.  It is hard not to get drops of wax everywhere!

Androsia Factory by Velocir

There is also a writing utensil that holds wax.  Amelia used it to draw and write on the fabric.  Cursive came in really handy.  (Still hard not to drip wax everywhere!)

Androsia Factory by Velocir

When the designs were complete we headed to the dye room and picked out Periwinkle on the color chart.  (Amelia had to compromise on a color and the other woman referenced this as her children’s favorite color so really Amelia had no choice.  But the color turned out really nice!)Androsia Factory by Velocir

The fabric is dyed in these bins for about two hours, then they are washed many times at a high temperature to get rid of the wax.

Androsia Factory by Velocir

Finally, the beautiful fabric is hung out to dry in the back of the factory!!

Androsia Factory by Velocir

At the store, you can see the results of the various patterns and colors.

Androsia Factory by Velocir

The next day, we picked up our Androsia that Amelia had created.  What a great keepsake from our trip to Fresh Creek, Andros.

Fresh Creek Andros by Velocir

Fresh Creek has been a nice place to spend time.  We walked a path out to an old lighthouse and climbed the rickety ladder to the top.

Fresh Creek Andros by Velocir

We also took our dinghy Raptor for a ride up Fresh Creek and came across a large mangrove stand on the South shore about thirty feet high.  As we approached, we noticed someone had strung up parachutes and a cargo net to make it a play fort.  What a comfortable hammock cargo netting makes!

Fresh Creek Andros by Velocir

Despite the lack of anchorages, Andros has been a nice surprise for us.  It may have been different if we hadn’t stumbled upon the Batik lesson and Mangrove Fort, but Fresh Creek was by far our favorite stop in Andros, and you can see why.

Our current Velocir plan is to sail north tomorrow to Morgan’s Bluff, located on the north end of Andros.  Then a calm weather window is coming and we plan to make it back to the States.  It took us 80 days to get down here, and we want to get back to Annapolis in 45 days.  Here we go!



Velocir is and Albin Vega 27 built in 1973.


4 thoughts on “Amelia makes Androsia in Andros Town

  1. My huband and I found your blog Sunday 3/25/2012. We watched all you videos in one sitting! HOW EXCITING!!! Our children are almost all out-of-the-house and we are lookngi for a new adventure!! WE have a 19″ Flying Scot and just learning how to sail. There is obviously sooooo much to learn! I was very very intimidated by it, but you make it look like so much fun, it’s worth the effort!! I cannot wait!

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Your blog is fabulous! I love the videos, pictures and commentary! Excellent work to say the least!!

    Have a safe trip back to MD!

    Do you take these trips often?

    Posted by Stephanie | March 29, 2012, 08:49
  2. Wow, how cool was that…to get to make your own batik. Thanks for the video; it was great. Did you spend the rest of the afternoon in the cargo net hammock? it looked like a place I would want to visit! The weather is getting warmer here in CO so at least I am not QUITE as envious when I see your pictures. But the water is a wonderful draw…that I am still envious of! Be safe, Aunt Sandy

    Posted by Aunt Sandy | March 29, 2012, 13:17
  3. So very cool about making the Batik! And you got to keep it as a keepsake! Did you have to try very hard to convince them to let you do it? Because, Amelia, I know you are the master of convincing, all you probably had to do was say, “Oh! I LOOOOVE this fabric! I used it as table cloths at our wedding!” and they probably were like “Oh! How cute! Of course you can break the rules and make one even though youre not from the hotel…”

    cant wait till the next one, and excited for you to come home! <3

    Posted by Emily Willard | March 29, 2012, 13:39
  4. WOW!! So, my Hubby and I sat down last Sunday evening…. found your blog and enjoyed EVER picture, video and comment. We’re just learning to sail and you have sparked a dream in us!!! You make it look like so much fun! I know we have MUCH to learn, but you have taken the fear out of it for me!! Thank you for sharing all that you have! It’s a lot of work!! We have a Flying Scot which we’re removing old paint and repainting ourselves!! It’s a blast!

    Thanks again and have a salf and fun trip back to the US!!!

    Posted by | March 31, 2012, 11:42

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