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Somewhere in the Swamps of South Carolina

Barefoot Marina was a such a treat! We got showers, laundry, secure dock and most importantly a hot tub! After this last cold spell we were so thrilled to be soaking in hot water. From camping to a resort! We even went out to dinner and grocery shopping. We were both pretty blown away at just how much of a hugely developed beach/tourism town Myrtle Beach was, and we were in North Myrtle Beach. We did enjoy walking by Alligator Adventures.

by Velocir

The next day we hit the waterway and put down some miles. Slowly the scenery changed from marsh to swampland. Swampland and multi-million dollar homes on the waterway/golf courses.

by Velocir

We had a nice day despite having to motor the whole way. The engine is now working as it should and we made good time. Only one bridge to go through today.

by Velocir

NOAA was calling for a gale that night, winds on the coast could break 50 knots. So, we planned to anchor deep in the swamps we were heading for. We ended up anchoring not quite where we planned, but it turned out to be a great spot.

by Velocir

The weather was not as bad as predicted and we had a good night. The next day was sunny, still a bit windy, but got to dry everything out after the rain. We decided to rest for a day here and relax a bit.

We got out for a bit of exploring, too.

by Velocir

Old wrecked boat on the island near us.

by Velocir

It was so beautiful and we loved the Spanish Moss.

by Velocir

It blew eerily in the wind.

by Velocir

by Velocir

by Velocir

That night we heard someone come into the anchorage and blow an air horn. I immediately knew who it was. A year or so ago when we were still working on our boat and dreaming about our trip we found the blog of a young couple sailing an Albin Vega 27 (our same boat) from New England to the Bahamas. We followed their story  which was both fun and inspiring to follow.

They now have a bigger boat and are sailing it down South (and a new blog at We had been in touch and hoping to meet up. Here they were! They spotted us as they were passing by and made a sharp turn to come visit. We had a great time finally meeting them and getting to hang out.

The next morning both boats headed out for Georgetown. We motored part way until the windy river opened up and then we got a great spinnaker sail right down to town.

by Velocir

We made it to Georgetown today, it is a beautiful old southern town dominated by a huge ugly steel mill and paper mill. Tonight we are having our favorite Cream of Crab Soup with the crew of Way Happy. Tomorrow we go with the tide and work our way to Charleston.

by Velocir



Velocir is and Albin Vega 27 built in 1973.


5 thoughts on “Somewhere in the Swamps of South Carolina

  1. beautiful swamp! and so cool about meeting the other couple. Wishing you warmer weather!

    Posted by Emily Willard | November 7, 2011, 09:32
  2. Really liked the spanish moss video. Brings back memories of when your Mom and I were little. We always like the spanish moss too. Something about it is both eerie and so elegant….and so Southern. Hope you find warmer weather soon.

    Posted by Aunt Sandy | November 7, 2011, 11:40
  3. We are back from our 18 days in Turkey (loved it) and are up to date on your blog. We’re loving it! It brings back so many memories. You guys are so lucky to be doing this at such a young age.

    Posted by Peter Grant | November 8, 2011, 18:58
  4. Watch the inlet at St Augustine. The only place we ran aground. I revisited it recently and I see why. If you are approaching from the north it is very confusing because the red markers on the stbd side of the waterway can easily be confused with the red buoys marking the inlet. It’s very easy to confuse the two and end up on a sand bar as we did. Luckily the strong current washed us right over the sand bar and into deeper water. In addition, the sand bars are constantly shifting. This one is famous for being tricky and the tow boats make a good living off it. Keep the chart book at hand and check the markers off and you will be fine.

    Posted by Peter Grant | November 8, 2011, 19:13
    • Thanks for the tip! We have been lucky so far and not run aground. Our shallow draft helps us a too because a couple times we have picked the wrong side of a channel but been okay with our draft being under 4. It would be more challenging in a bigger boat. We hope you had a great time in Turkey. A very interesting and great place to visit! We look forward to St. Augustine as a favorite city to visit. Right now we will spend the next few days in Charlestom, also a city we are excited about, and then visit the Rae’s in Beaufort!

      Posted by velocir | November 8, 2011, 20:45

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